Top Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Moroccan Bathroom Cement Tile

With the myriad of decisions facing you when you decide to remodel or create a bathroom in your home, the one you expect to be most enjoyable is choosing the tiles. They set the tone for the entire look and feel of the finished space and will likely be the first thing you notice. Of […]

How to care for moroccan cement tiles: cleaning and ongoing maintenance

Cement Tiles

Encaustic tiles are those beautiful cement tiles (often patterned) you may have seen on Instagram, Pinterest or other design sites. While they are a gorgeous option — not only for their looks but the way they feel softer underfoot too — they do require more maintenance and care than regular ceramic or porcelain tiles. Because […]

Cement tile tips for outdoor living

Cement tiles Outdoor

looking for more living space? why not experience the newest trend by expanding your interior living space into your exterior? if you are lucky enough to have space that flows into your out-of-doors, clé has a whole host of offerings to make this transitional area as tasteful as it is useful. when shopping for tiles to […]

How Moroccan Cement Tiles Are Made

Cement tiles

As anyone who’s visited Marrakesh knows, nobody does patterned tiles like the Moroccans. Whether you’re lost in the Medina or relaxing at a riad, nowhere else are you likely to see such exotic colours and vibrant designs. But did you know that these swoon-worthy tiles aren’t actually tiles in the traditional ceramic sense? In fact, […]

Benefits of Using Cement Tiles for Bathroom Floors and Walls

Cement Tile Bathroom

It’s no secret how popular cement tiles are for floors and walls in stylish homes and trendy commercial spaces. They’ve taken the tile industry and home decorating space by storm with their impressive durability and nearly unending design options. One particular space where cement tiles shine is the bathroom. When used only on the floor, […]

How to Disinfect Your Tiles :

How to Disinfect Tiles from CoronaVirus

You, no doubt, have questions about cleaning and disinfecting to prevent and contain the coronavirus — there is so much mis- and disinformation going around, and sorting through advice can be overwhelming. I can help. First, here is the general advice I have to offer: Keep it simple and be diligent. Wash your hands frequently, […]

Moroccan Tile Trend in 2020

Kitchen with Moroccan Tile flooring

There are so many ways to incorporate moroccan tiles throughout your home, especially in your bathroom, kitchen or other water-sensitive areas. Replacing dated tile is a quick and easy way to update the overall look of your home. Tile, an affordable alternative to hardwood and natural stone, is a great option to install to make […]

The many advantages of Moroccan Tiles

Design trends

Remodelling your home is inevitable in a mount of time, the design trends are changing so quickly year after year, and following those trends can be stressful for some people, it will costs a lot of money to change the design and add to that the time lost in remodelling, destroying, building … But there’s […]

Get to know Moroccan Cement Tile

Get to know Moroccan Cement Tile

Moroccan Cement Tile is the perfect mix of of complexity design. Using symmetry to create a wonderful visual that is perfect for a variety of settings, each moroccan cement tile designed to bring an air of rich coloration and pattern wherever they are installed. Kitchen, Bathroom or an outdoor use, Moroccan Cement Tile transform any […]

Moroccan Cement Tiles : Cleaning Ideas !

Moroccan Cement Tiles After Cleaning and Maintaining

Moroccan Cement Tiles are the new-old way to decorate your house. With the ability to use theme in walls and floors, Moroccan Cement Tiles got the popularity that they deserve. Marble powder and high quality of colour pigments are the descriptions of Moroccan Cement Tiles with Moroccan Tiles House, a tile that can get through […]