Our Company History

The Moroccan Mosaic & Tile is an element of Moroccan architecture that has perfectly adapted to contemporary styles of decoration while preserving artisanal touch. “For our part we have incorporated several techniques and improvements to our products to make them both more attractive and more durable” said Matser Ben Doumia.

Moroccan Mosaic tiles also known as Moroccan Zellige, it’s a treasured tradition that has passed down for centuries from generation to generation to ensure the sustainability of these art, and we are so pleased to carry on this tradition. Thus, we work hard to find methods and built-up techniques to improve and innovate the way we make them and the way we keep the heart of traditional feeling emerge from them.

How it’s made and How to use it

The tiles are made from concrete, a mixture of the binding agent known as cement, and an aggregate. Mosaic and Cement tile is not only ideal for floor but it is suitable in all applications including walls, backsplashes, counters, and showers; in both interior and exterior installations depending on the climate or location. Our Mosaic and cement tiles allow you to express your creative personality. You can mix and match tile design combinations to make a bold patchwork or an interior field pattern with a corresponding border for impact. You can achieve a minimal look by utilizing solid colored tiles and incorporating a unique and stunning design as a border. On the other hand, you can use it as accompaniment due to its smooth finish to rough, natural surfaces such as stone or wood.Our tiles are authentically hand made, and colors are approximate and sizes are nominal. You can view splendid ideas for interior design as well as for exterior on our Get inspired page.

Due to the nature of the handmade work, expect imperfection and variations in color tones. They can be finished for a glossy finish or left matte, however they are typically sealed and waxed to resist moisture and staining.

How we Deliver it

Our company, Moroccan Tiles house has sold and shipped zellige products to companies in the field of architecture and decoration sectors to many countries in Africa, Europe and to United States and Canada. We have the experience to deliver the products in good conditions all over the world. Our in-stock tiles are readily available, and can be shipped or picked up from our showroom within 1 to 3 business days. So it’s sure that you will get Best Quality Services.

Ben Doumia

Founder & Moroccan Tile Master